About Us

Our company story began long before we did…

At the heart of Teak Me Home is our passion to handcraft eco-friendly modern furniture that connects us to another time.

Our reclaimed teak wood furniture is recycled from structures being taken down, built from old-growth trees harvested at the turn of the 19th century.

History still beautifully alive, our team carefully disassembles these buildings, beam by beam. These reclaimed teak wood beams are then milled and meticulously handcrafted into Teak Me Home’s furniture for a next generation to appreciate, and share in its continuing story.

We ethically center all of our actions on the belief that the past importantly sustains our present and future.  We do this to protect and restore our environment, keeping irreplaceable forests from deforestation, helping to conserve wildlife, and slow climate change.

In turn, your purchase of our reclaimed teak wood furniture helps to protect the earth’s forests for future generations.

The beginning . . .

Alex Elsinga, a San Francisco Bay Area native, is the owner and lead furniture designer at Teak Me Home.

After graduating from UC Davis Alex began working in the healthcare industry, but was quickly sidetracked when seeking solid wood furniture for his first home. To his surprise he couldn’t find bedroom, living, or dining room furniture that met his eco-friendly standards for quality, style and functionality. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and found mentorship with local skilled woodworkers, learning how to design and handcraft his own pieces.

Through this work, Alex fell in love with the beauty of reclaimed teak wood. Teak is an extremely dense hardwood with highly prized color patterns, and each reclaimed piece is unique and rich with history. Soon after he started, he began receiving requests from friends and family to craft furniture pieces for them. His hobby turned into a career, and in 2012 he said goodbye to the corporate world and founded Teak Me Home.

As owner and lead furniture designer, Alex’s care for quality and sustainability shines through every detail of the building process, from the very first steps of sourcing wood through handcrafting heirloom furniture pieces. He is passionate about connecting the past with the present.