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Phil L. – San Francisco, CA

We've been living with a Teak Me Home Bennett 6-drawer dresser for over a month and couldn't be more pleased. It is absolutely gorgeous. i find myself stopping to admire this dresser frequently! It has transformed our bedroom into a much more pleasurable place to be. The wood is very sensual and invites you to touch it. The dresser is very much a living piece of art.

Alex, the owner and designer/builder, was a great person to work with. He is very knowledgable and honest. No hard sell here. He obviously loves what he is doing and communicates that love. Delivery was quick and easy. We feel very lucky to have found this artisan in an article in the New York Times Home Section. Here is the link:

If we were buying an important gift for a family member, we would seriously consider getting it here.

Thank you, Alex.

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Colin J. — Boca Raton, FL

We purchased a beautiful and quite unique round dining table from Teak Me Home. The design, quality and craftsmanship are superb.

Customer service, over the phone, was very pleasant and most helpful. They sent us photos of the exact table we were interested in and photos of the building from which the 100 year old teak was salvaged.

Delivery was quite slow, over a month, but as far as we were concerned very much worth the wait.

The deliverymen, who had to assemble the table, were punctual and professional.

Highly recommended.

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Susan L. — Saint Helena, CA

I had the best customer service experience ever with these guys. We ordered a piece online that we weren't completely happy with once it arrived. I emailed Alex and he responded immediately with grace, concern and warmth. He made an effort to fully understand our feedback and assured us his only goal was for us to receive a piece we loved. The following weekend he personally drove to our home (2 hours from Emeryville) and hand-delivered a replacement piece, along with a personally hand-written note and free product for us to care for the piece. Alex was a delight, and could present a case study on how to turn a less-than-perfect consumer experience into pure enchantment. And, yes, the piece is beautiful ūüôā

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Mike F. — Walnut Creek, CA

I purchased a beautiful end table from Teak Me Home, and as intended, large enough to use as a cabinet on which to put a TV. The piece is very beautifully made, and reeks of quality! And for the price, it's even more amazing, certainly compared to other small cabinets that I looked at that cost more for far less quality.

Service was also remarkable: Alex delivered the piece to my home, left a card with a thank you and instructions on ho to care for it, and a complimentary bottle of teak oil! Can't beat that!

Anyone one interested in high quality and unique mid-century teak furniture should run to this store!

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Scott S. — San Francisco, CA

We absolutely love the media cabinet we got from Teak Me Home! It's hard to find good quality furniture with a cool aesthetic. We found this business through the Houzz website and it works perfectly with our style - clean lines, mid-century look, and it has doors on it so not all our media equipment is exposed (this was key for us). I especially love that the teak is over 100 years old, and it's been repurposed to become this brand new piece of furniture. I want to buy more from them!

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Ivy R. — Brooklyn, NY

My husband and I were on a long search for a dresser and finally found the Arrondi 10-Drawer Dresser by Teak Me Home on Houzz! We flew from NYC to San Francisco to see the dresser and were impressed with all the products in the showroom right away, especially the dresser obviously! Alex who is the owner showed us all the pieces and explained the process of how Teak Me Home reclaimed the wood and built all the unique furnitures. We purchased the dresser on a Tuesday and we received a confirmation from Teak Me Home on Friday that the dresser was ready to be shipped! We received the dresser in 2.5 weeks and the company they used for white glove delivery was very professional as well. Overall, the service and the quality of the product are both over the top and I am very happy to know that there are people who care so much about what they do! Keep the good work going for sure!!!

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C. Piling — Healdsburg, CA

Solid custom vanity for our bathroom remodel. Beautiful recycled teak wood, excellent craftsmanship. Friendly service. What more can one ask for. It was well worth the wait.

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Georgeanna P. – Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful service, beautiful furniture. My clients are very happy with their purchase. Alex was my sales person and was extremely helpful.

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High quality, fantastic workmanship, and warm professional contacts.  Could not be happier.  I love the idea of recycling and this goes above and beyond.

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Norma K. – St. Louis, MO

High quality, fantastic workmanship, and warm professional contacts.  Could not be happier.  I have always been hesitant to purchase on line.  I was unsuccessful in my search for a buffet/credenza with very specific measurements.  Found One Kings Lane and from there bumped into Teak Me Home.  MY LIFE WAS SAVED!!  Alex was a BIG help answering any and all questions.  My credenza arrived in the Midwest from the west coast without a problem.  In addition, there was a handwritten thank you card and a bottle of orange oil with instructions on care for the piece.  I love the idea of recycling and this goes above and beyond.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Alex and Teak Me Home!!

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Michelle S. – Mill Valley, CA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my media cabinet... It's so much more than a cabinet, it is a beautiful fine crafted piece of furniture that I know I will want forever.

Working with Alex was easy and a pleasure. My item was delivered EXACTLY on time, I have never had that happen even when ordering from a large company.

I was searching for furniture that was not only beautiful but sustainable too. The cabinet is made from old growth recycled teak and comes with the history of the house it was taken from. In this day and age of throw away furniture, it's a treat to come across an item made with true craftsmanship in addition to being conscientious of environmental impact.

It was well worth the wait. I suggest visiting the showroom and taking the time to learn about the meticulous process that goes into each and every piece. I wish I had a bigger space so that I could have more items from Teak Me Home.

Thank you TMH...

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Stefanie R. – Reston, VA

I purchased a dining room table from Teak Me Home and then decided I would like a cabinet to match. I called them to inquire about whether they could do a custom cabinet and was delighted by their openness to working with me to design and create the cabinet I envisioned. Even though we were on opposite sides of the country, Teak Me Home was professional, thorough and responsive in working through the design. They delivered exactly what I wanted exactly when they promised it, all at a very competitive price. I would definitely work with them again and would highly recommend them.

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Kate F. — Sonoma, CA

I saw the teardrop cocktail table on the One Kings Lane website.  When I saw the vendor was local I made an appointment to visit and see the table.  It was very nice so I made another appointment (on a Sunday!) to pick it up.  Since each piece is made of reclaimed wood, each piece is slightly different.  They willingly opened up 6 shipping boxes containing the table to let me choose the one I wanted.  LOL I ended up picking the one in the show room!  Very good service, reasonable prices and beautiful furniture, I would definitely buy again.

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The wood is very sensual and invites you to touch it. The dresser is very much a living piece of art.

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Alex S. – San Francisco, CA

I just bought the most gorgeous dresser in the whole world. I loved its extensive backstory of the piece and that it was locally crafted AND reclaimed. Overall a terrific experience with, what I hope to be, a very long-term piece of furniture.

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Laura K. – Berkeley, CA

My husband and I purchased a Fontaine dining table and we love it! The selection of teak for the piece has rich grain patterns and intense colors. The edges are nicely eased and the oil finish applied to it feels smooth to the touch. I fell in love with it when I saw it at the showroom in Berkeley because of its modern base design. I had been looking for a round table but all I found was very traditional. The price is fair.
In addition to great product quality we were treated kindly by the people at the showroom both times we have been there. Alexander was very helpful and he got our beautiful table home safe and right away ( we could not wait :)). We also got a complimentary product for treating the wood. Teak me home was a great experience.

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Kenneth P. – Millsboro, DE

My wife and I purchased a Bennett split dresser. It is absolutely phenomenal; finished beautifully. The craftsmanship is superb. A piece of furniture that will last many generations.

It was shipped to the east coast and arrived in perfect shape.

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Bryan O. – San Francisco, CA

Really gorgeous locally made furniture at a (somewhat) affordable price. Alex, the proprietor, is quietly enthusiastic about his work, and deservedly so. If they made a larger variety of furniture, I'd buy even more from them!

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Jennifer H. – Chicago, IL

I love my solid teak dresser from Teak Me Home! I bought the Kubrick 10-drawer split dresser, crafted from reclaimed teak and reclaimed steel. I stare at it each night before going to bed.

I looked at the usual chain stores like Crate and Barrel, Ethan Allen, and Restoration Hardware, but all the dressers looked the same and there was nothing unique about them. Most of the furniture was not solid wood, made from veneer, and the wood used was not even specified. The quality and craftsmanship of my Teak Me Home dresser is beyond compare. The teak is a rich, natural color. The design is simple and elegant.

I live in Chicago, but this was no problem. Alex was fantastic to work with. He was very responsive. He thoroughly explained the craftsmanship of the piece to me, and sent me tons of photos of the dresser in different lighting. The shipping costs were very reasonable.

I will definitely be buying future pieces form Teak Me Home.

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Cara R. – Toms River, NJ

I first encountered the company Teak Me Home in searching for non-toxic, solid wood dining tables. The Fontaine 48" dining table caught my eye immediately because it possessed the perfect mix of modern and classic aesthetic elements.

When the table arrived, I could not have been more eager to show it off! The color is gorgeous, and the table is just right for my space, nestled into a round window seat. It's completely solid through and through, even with my two-year-old and five-year-old dancing atop it. This is an heirloom table. I would definitely purchase another piece of furniture from this company.

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Chris D. – San Francisco, CA

I am so happy we discovered Teak Me Home, an environmentally-conscious company that reclaims teak wood from old homes in Indonesia into modern, beautiful, sturdy and unique furniture! We bought the Bogart Dresser and are also having a Bogart tall-boy custom-made for us. Our experience from start to finish has been top notch, Alex has been great to work with and really cares about what he puts out - the fact that there is a story behind each piece of furniture and where it came from adds an extra layer of interest to the whole experience. Highly recommended!

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Robin W. – San Francisco, CA

I have little to add beyond the other 5 star reviews, but wanted to take the opportunity to point out how special TeakMeHome is. I am gazing on my Hayworth media center right now -- the wood is lustrous and it's better made than almost any furniture I've ever had. A real work of craftsmanship. I bought an instock piece that was customized for my needs and delivered 3 days after I bought it. Wow.

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Lisha W. – Oakland, CA

One of the best shopping and purchasing experiences I have ever had, period. The customer service was simply superb and Alex is the absolute best. I am just stunned that such a place exists where you feel like the people selling you things really do care, are not ripping you off and are not hawking pieces of junk. I love my media console. Such great craftsmanship! TeakMeHome is topnotch. I will definitely be making more purchases from them. Get over there and check them out!

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Laura T. – Los Altos, CA

Amazing service, beautiful products. I purchased the Harrison table and it's gorgeous. It's a unique, well made piece of furniture. What is most amazing however, is that it's a piece made with great pride and care. Alex truly loves what he does and it shows in the furniture. Customer service is excellent. He is very responsive and accommodating. Thank you Alex!

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I fear for their competitors, because I doubt anyone can match this level of service.

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Sommer P.

I just recently purchased the 48" Modern Round Table from Teak Me Home, and the experience was excellent. After discovering Teak Me Home via nothing more than a Google search (something like "reclaimed wood bay area furniture"), I was excited to see they had the exact style of table for which I was looking, made to a high environmental standard from reclaimed wood. I called the shop to make an appointment to come see the table in person before ordering. I spoke with Alex; he was friendly and helpful and worked with my schedule to make the appointment that day. When we got to the showroom and saw that the table was even more lovely in person, we ordered the table and set up delivery. Alex showed us how to clean and take care of the wood and explained how the table came from reclaimed teak from buildings being torn down in Indonesia. He took lots of time with us and we never felt rushed or pressured. On delivery day, it was Alex himself (with another gentleman whose name I've unfortunately forgotten) that came to deliver and assemble the table. Both were kind and helpful. We've now been using the table these past few weeks and it's simply stunning. The wood's color is gorgeous and its age gives it a beautiful complexity. The table feels very strong and well-made, and I am confident it will be in our home for many, many years to come.

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Bonnie O.

We found Teak Me Home by using google images for dressers. A nice surprise to find that they were in Emeryville so we called and made an appt to visit the showroom. Alex was outstanding and gave terrific customer service. The quality of the teak and craftsmanship is superb. We had two dressers and four nightstands made for our home in Hawaii. We took delivery yesterday and couldn't be happier with the end product and the customer service. Great experience all the way around. We highly recommend them.

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Oscar R.

I somehow stumbled upon pictures of TMH's furniture on Houzz. I was delighted to see that they were right here in the Bay Area and I called in to set up a visit. The pieces were even more beautiful in person and I had no choice but to order a dresser and nightstand. Once they got delivered, I have to say I couldn't be happier with the pieces. They are spectacular.
As far as the service goes, I dealt with Alex which was great. The communication in terms of, pictures of the progress, pics of the teak origins, general updates, and all other information was outstanding.
Supporting a local business, reclaimed materials, great service and product. Can't beat that!

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Kimberly L.

After seeing pictures online and a couple rounds of timely, professional communication we purchased a media cabinet. The quality exceeds our expectations. After the piece was delivered, I realized I measured the dimensions of our receiver incorrectly. I asked if they could assist in modifying the back so it would fit. They were extremely supportive and the adjustments were made within the week. I'm in love with the quality of the piece, but even more impressed by their superior customer service. I highly recommend their furniture and would purchase from them again.

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Jessica G.

I fear for their competitors, because I doubt anyone can match this level of service. We bought a coffee table made from teak reclaimed from a house being demolished in Indonesia. They sent us photos of the actual house so we could see our table's origins! The table itself is lovely, super high quality and very well made. And they delivered it with a gift bag containing orange oil and a thank-you card. The handwritten message was probably twice as long as any thank-you note I have ever written, I'm not even kidding.
Of course this led to me and my dear husband playfully snarking about how Teak Me Home could improve their service. 'Next time, I want to see a hundred dollar bill in that thank-you card!'
In all seriousness, I would buy furniture from them again in a second.

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Tammy Silverman

Beautiful modern wood table, I am in love! It's an art piece! Direct communication, friendly and personable. Loved the little gift that came with the table ūüôā

I found Teak Me Home via Etsy.  Two of their pieces caught my eye and I contacted the company through their website and over the phone.  I had a response the same day!  After a couple additional phone conversations to work out the details, I found that one of the pieces I liked had already sold out.  We purchased the other piece, and it was delivered within the week (we're relatively local).

Yes the furniture is quality.  It's solid wood and beautifully made.

What truly sets this company apart is their customer service - professional, responsive, and detailed, with care not just for their product but also their customers.  Alex, thank you for making our experience so positive.  We look forward to seeing what you make in the future.

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Stephanie C.

Wonderful!!  I looked online and at local new/consignment/antique stores for at least 6 months for a round dining table before I happened to drive by Teak Me Home in Emeryville.
I was looking for something simple and modern, but high quality design, but didn't want to pay the ridiculously inflated prices  for vintage Danish modern  (not to mention it's hard to find the larger size tables)
Don't be put off by the fact that you have to make an appointment at Teak Me Home to see the furniture!   They're great about responding quickly and very accommodating and flexible about appointments, and the best thing is that you really have time to see all the different pieces, and learn about them - you won't get a sales pitch,but you will get interesting conversations with people who are genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about designing and building beautiful furniture from reclaimed teak, and at reasonable prices.
Simple, well made and lovely designs that are modern, but I think would fit with almost any style.
Our table was delivered quickly and with no issues  (we have a lot of stairs), and again, they were very accommodating to our schedule.  We love our gorgeous new table and look forward to having it for years!

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Luciano B.

I purchased an Arrondi 10-Drawer Dresser online. It was a big purchase for me given that I'd never seen the item except for online. It arrived in a few weeks and I was super pleased with it. It is even more beautiful in person. Unfortunately, one of the drawers had come off its track during the cross country delivery. I emailed Teak and they jumped to help. They arranged for someone in NYC to come visit my home and fix it at no cost to me. All the while they were exceptionally nice and kept following up to make sure that I was satisfied. Teak Me Home is the definition of great customer service.

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Teak Me Home is the definition of great customer service.

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What truly sets this company apart is their customer service - professional, responsive, and detailed, with care not just for their product but also their customers.

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Micah L.

We purchased two dressers for our bedroom from Teak Me Home (TMH) and were impressed not only by the furniture, but also the OUTSTANDING customer service that Alex provided. Both solid teak pieces have a lasting quality about them: the vintage raw materials, the well-thought out design and the quality of the work of their skilled craftsmen. The service is reminiscent of a time when people actually cared about what they were selling. TMH has figured out that building a quality product and taking care of your customer is how a business should work: that is why Teak Me Home gets a rock-solid 5 stars.

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Bonnie D. — Kihei, HI

Teak Me Home provided us with beautiful products and excellent customer service. The items shipped immediately and were well packaged. There was no damage even though they were shipped all the way to Hawaii. The pieces are idential to how they appeared on-line and are very nice quality. I do an extreme amount of on-line buying, and I have yet to find a site with pieces such as what Teak Me Home offers. Please do not hesitate to give them your business. They are a first-rate furnishings source.

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Amy W. — Austin, TX

I recently purchased the Teak Me Home Mode Two-Door One Drawer Media Cabinet. My husband and I had been looking for a new media cabinet for months, but nothing seemed quite right for our home. We happened to find Teak Me Home through internet searches for teak furniture. We both immediately loved this piece, but we were a little wary of making a large purchase unseen from an unknown company. The outstanding customer service we encountered quickly put us at ease. We received prompt responses to all our questions and the company even sent us additional pictures and shared the background of the reclaimed wood used in the cabinet.

The cabinet is exactly as described - a beautiful and unique piece of quality furniture made with all solid wood. We love the cabinet and I'm sure it will be in our home for many years.

I highly recommend Teak Me Home for both the beautiful products and the fantastic customer service.

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Christina B.

Not only do I love my furniture, the customer service I received from Teak Me Home will most certainly bring me back again!

This was my experience with Teak Me Home:
My husband and I moved to the neighborhood a couple of months ago and I have been eyeballing this place for some time now. Mostly intrigued by the catchy name. I facebook stalked them, checked out their website and found pieces I really liked. We finally had a day where we had some time to check out the showroom and all the beautiful pieces in person. When we arrived the signed stated "by appointment only". I felt a little defeated and bummed, but called the number and a very nice gentlemen answered. He was only 5 minutes away and came right over and I'm so glad he did.

After about 20 minutes of chatting with him, learning about his process, the durability of Teak wood, we decided to purchase a piece, the Surfboard Cocktail coffee table.

Teak Me Home hand delivered our piece and set it up the next day, seriously can the customer service get any better than that? After chatting for a bit, I realized that I needed more of their furniture and so we're now embarking on some custom pieces for our tiny apartment. I'm looking forward to the custom desk and small dining room table!

I highly recommend Teak Me Home to anyone wanting amazing furniture, durable and beautiful teak pieces, and looking for great customer service. Teak Me Home is awesome! Teak Me Home is a place I will always turn to for amazing pieces in my home.

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Heidi H.

We loved the website and so contacted Teak Me Home about seeing the furniture in person.  Teak Me Home responded fast, even sending detailed photos of the pieces and pictures of the house as it was being demolished, where they salvaged the wood.  My family came on a grey foggy day and the furniture was even more beautiful than the photos.

Then we looked around at consignment furniture and another local store using reclaimed wood as we are price conscious.  Nothing came close in terms of quality at these prices.  To give examples, the top of the dresser has rounded edges and the drawers have soft close.

We bought two pieces.  Then when it came to delivery disaster struck - one piece was too large to come up the main stairs and we had to refuse it.  I got on the phone with Teak Me Home and they were a champion -  rearranging the delivery at no extra cost, taught the delivery guys how to take out the drawers to make it lighter and more maneuverable, and worked with me to determine an alternative way into the house via the back.  Teak Me Home's flexibility and customer service were exemplary.

Now we have the two pieces in the house they look even better than in the show room.  In the sunny room you see how vibrant the wood is, really gorgeous.

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M.R. — Falls Church, VA

We had a wonderful experience with Teak Me Home!  We were very fortunate to have inherited 6 pieces of teak furniture from my grandmother and great aunt, all built in the late 50s, early 60s.  As a result, our bedroom set pieces, and parts of the living room, are entirely vintage, incredible pieces of teak furniture.  When we started looking for a new dresser for the bedroom, we were doubtful that we would find anything that would match our existing pieces.  We were blown away to find the Klasik 6 drawer dresser on the teak me home site, which matches so perfectly, it was actually very moving.

Truth be told - we were wary about making such a large purchase from a company on the other side of the country, without having seen the piece.  however, once we talked to Teak Me Home, we were very impressed with both their professionalism, and willingness to be cooperative, patient, and flexible.  I must have called Teak Me Home six times the day that we decided to go ahead with the purchase, and each time, they were good natured and did not make me feel pressured AT ALL.  Teak Me Home kept us advised of everything, from when it was picked up from the warehouse, to delivery at the white glove company, and helped smooth down details when the delivery company was providing me with incorrect information.

All said, while we love the piece, and were pleased with the process, I am certain that Teak Me Home's exceptional customer service and generally kind, helpful demeanor, were the defining factors in this experience, and are, combined the high quality of the furniture and workmanship, the primary reasons why I would refer anyone else to Teak Me Home.  We are very, very happy that we found Teak Me Home and decided to work with them.

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Cheri W. — Wilmette, IL

I wish there were more businesses that cared like Teak Me Home did.  They are fabulous to deal with, stand by their word, and their products are even better in person than the pictures.  I was very nervous to buy furniture online from someplace I never heard of and my husband was skeptical of "reclaimed"  I've never seen more solid furniture and the dressers are beautiful.  The drawers slowly glide back automatically for the last inch and they are adamant they work perfectly.  So much so that when my husbands dresser drawers seemed a bit sticky and off track, ( which ultimately was the delivery company fault because the guys were chugging it up the stairs)  They switched delivery companies and switched out not only my husbands dresser but mine so that they ensured perfection and happiness.
I wish I needed more furniture but I will recommend them to anyone as will the decorator I worked with to help me pick them out.

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Tia — Danville, CA

I couldn't be happier with my furniture selection. The customer service is unprecedented. I ordered my pieces and the time quoted for my delivery was spot on! In my opinion, Teak Me Home has the distinction of being the Nordstoms of furniture.

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James S. — Foster City, CA

I'm an online addict so I have to admit that I looked at about a thousand storefronts, mid century specialists, eco artists, home furnishing experts, and I was so intrigued by Teak Me Home's philosophy: reclaiming lumber, natural oil finishing, clean lines, & hand crafted strong and durable construction.

I just received the table that we had custom made and the wait was well worth it. The table is amazing. Beautiful, simple, timeless, and super functional. We love that we can see the century of character in the wood and all we smell is the pleasant non toxic orange oil citrus smell.
Teak Me Home provided us with the best customer service...from the consultation process, to the building process, to the white glove delivery. Could not have had a better experience.

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Claudine N. — Granada Hills, CA

I had an extraordinary, wonderful experience with Teak Me Home!

I was looking for a round table that measures 78". I found a table that I loved from Teak Me Home that was offered in 48". I called Teak Me Home to see if they could do a custom version in the size I wanted. Teak Me Home was so absolutely helpful, said yes, and walked me through the process. A day later I had a spec drawing of the table, approved it, and they got to work on my custom table.

My table was made from 100 year old reclaimed teak wood from a demolished house in Indonesia. Teak Me Home explained the process for making the table which took 3 months but was well worth the wait. During that three months I was given play by play progress updates and photos.

The white glove delivery service that delivered my table and put it together was extraordinary, so kind, so helpful! Teak Me Home even sent me a gift of wood polish and a hand written thank you card.

The table is so well constructed, the wood is gorgeous. It makes such a statement in my home. I couldn't recommend Teak Me Home more! Not only for their wonderful customer service, but the quality of their product.

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John K. — Oakland, CA

I found Teak me Home via, of all things, a Facebook ad (since I work in social media advertising, this wasn't really an issue for me).. However, we had been looking for a specific sized media center made from reclaimed wood (preferably teak!) so when I saw that a) their furniture was beautiful and beautifully made, and b) they were really nearby in Emeryville (we live in North Oakland) I immediately set up a time to visit and pre-ordered the media cabinet.

I talked several times with Teak Me Home and we visited twice and were able to pick out the exact model to use. The hardware and other fittings are excellent, although one option I'd recommend for them in the future might be an optional cooling fan (I had to install one myself from the Cooler Guys).

My only real wish is that I could justify purchasing more furniture, but we don't currently have the space or need... I recommend them without reservation. Forget the Wooden Duck, check out Teak Me Home!