Everyone, everywhere, depends on nature — for our health, for our jobs, for the very air we breathe and the water we drink. But nature can’t fight for itself.

In addition to offering eco-friendly green furniture, Teak Me Home proudly donates 1% of sales* to Conservation International to protect forests around the world. For every $25 Teak Me Home donates, an entire acre of forest is protected including the wildlife and people it supports, and its impact on our future climate.

The world’s tropical forests contain huge quantities of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that causes climate change. When they are destroyed for lumber, farmland or other purposes, they release their stored carbon prematurely and in quantities greater than all the world’s cars, trucks and planes combined. The result is changing rainfall patters, raising ocean levels and increasing drought.

Tropical forests are also home to most of the world’s threatened species, many found nowhere else in the world. Human communities suffer too, as local people lose the resources on which they depend, increasing strife over dwindling supplies.

Planet Earth

In just 21 years, Conservation International has protected more than 143 million acres!

Conservation International Video

Watch a short film about 1% for the Planet* – Click the film reel to the left!

When you buy eco-friendly green furniture at Teak Me Home, know that some of the proceeds will go to a good cause.