Eco-Friendly Modern Furniture made from Reclaimed Teak Wood

About the Owner/Designer

Alex Elsinga is the owner and designer of Teak Me Home furniture.
Alex Elsinga, Owner and Designer, Teak Me Home



Alex Elsinga, a San Francisco Bay Area native, is the owner and designer of Teak Me Home furniture.

Alex fell in love with the beauty of reclaimed teak wood

Recycled from old structures, teak is an extremely dense, hard wood with beautiful color patterns, as if each piece of wood has its own story to tell.

Sourcing reclaimed teak wood

Alex now makes quarterly trips to Indonesia. A major focus of these trips is the purchase of raw material from old structures. The money from these purchases makes it possible for the local family to build a new house. For Alex, it means that his workers will carefully disassemble the entire building, beam by beam. These beams are milled and handcrafted into Teak Me Home’s furniture. Every piece of furniture is 100% solid reclaimed teak wood—there’s never any particle board or veneers.

Teak Me Home is more than a furniture business

Alex believes in sustainability and proudly donates 1% of sales to Conservation International to protect forests around the world. Best of all, for every $25 Teak Me Home donates, an entire acre of forest is protected, including the wildlife and people it supports, and its impact on our future climate.

The beginning . . .

After graduating from UC Davis with a BA in Political Science and Communications, Alex began working in the healthcare industry and was on his way to a successful corporate career. But he got sidetracked as he looked for solid wood furniture for his first apartment. He couldn’t find the dressers, tables and chairs that met his standards for quality, style and functionality that was also built from eco-friendly materials. Collaborating with the area’s skilled woodworkers, Alex began learning how to design and handcraft his own furniture. In 2012, he left the corporate world and founded Teak Me Home.


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