Christina B.

Not only do I love my furniture, the customer service I received from Teak Me Home will most certainly bring me back again! This was my experience with Teak Me Home: My husband and I moved to the neighborhood a couple of months ago and I have been eyeballing this place for some time now. Mostly intrigued by the catchy name. I facebook stalked them, checked out their website and found pieces I really liked. We finally had a day where we had some time to check out the showroom and all the beautiful pieces in person. When we arrived the signed stated "by appointment only". I felt a little defeated and bummed, but called the number and a very nice gentlemen answered. He was only 5 minutes away and came right over and I'm so glad he did. After about 20 minutes of chatting with him, learning about his process, the durability of Teak wood, we decided to purchase a piece, the Surfboard Cocktail coffee table. Teak Me Home hand delivered our piece and set it up the next day, seriously can the customer service get any better than that? After chatting for a bit, I realized that I needed more of their furniture and so we're now embarking on some custom pieces for our tiny apartment. I'm looking forward to the custom desk and small dining room table! I highly recommend Teak Me Home to anyone wanting amazing furniture, durable and beautiful teak pieces, and looking for great customer service. Teak Me Home is awesome! Teak Me Home is a place I will always turn to for amazing pieces in my home.