M.R. — Falls Church, VA

We had a wonderful experience with Teak Me Home!  We were very fortunate to have inherited 6 pieces of teak furniture from my grandmother and great aunt, all built in the late 50s, early 60s.  As a result, our bedroom set pieces, and parts of the living room, are entirely vintage, incredible pieces of teak furniture.  When we started looking for a new dresser for the bedroom, we were doubtful that we would find anything that would match our existing pieces.  We were blown away to find the Klasik 6 drawer dresser on the teak me home site, which matches so perfectly, it was actually very moving. Truth be told - we were wary about making such a large purchase from a company on the other side of the country, without having seen the piece.  however, once we talked to Teak Me Home, we were very impressed with both their professionalism, and willingness to be cooperative, patient, and flexible.  I must have called Teak Me Home six times the day that we decided to go ahead with the purchase, and each time, they were good natured and did not make me feel pressured AT ALL.  Teak Me Home kept us advised of everything, from when it was picked up from the warehouse, to delivery at the white glove company, and helped smooth down details when the delivery company was providing me with incorrect information. All said, while we love the piece, and were pleased with the process, I am certain that Teak Me Home's exceptional customer service and generally kind, helpful demeanor, were the defining factors in this experience, and are, combined the high quality of the furniture and workmanship, the primary reasons why I would refer anyone else to Teak Me Home.  We are very, very happy that we found Teak Me Home and decided to work with them.