To The Trade

We want to partner with you on your next project!

We live and breathe design. From the very first steps of sourcing our wood from previously-designed homes – through the steps of designing our pieces – to consulting on interior design styling and integrating our reclaimed teak furniture into the perfectly-designed modern home.

We are meticulous about every detail. For these reasons, we have worked with numerous interior designers on a national scale to provide commercial and residential furnishings for a range of design styles.

Tell us about your next home or business environment and we’ll make sure your experience of spec’ing the styles you need is one you’ll never forget. Our trade program offers a range of benefits including designer discounts and priority appointments.

No project is too large or too small. We value good design in every room we encounter, so let’s start a style relationship and keep your clients elated with every step of the process. Depending on project scope, we offer custom sizing and color treatments, as well as custom accessory integration such as built in cooling systems, sliding racks and more.

Let’s create your next sanctuary together.



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Designer & Trade Furnishing